Traditionally, Turkishwomen have woven carpets of rich colors, warm tones, and extraordinary patternswith traditional motifs, which have contributed to the reputation that Turkishcarpets have maintained since the 13th century.

Carpet means one type of thick fabric equipped with extra yarn on itssurface-fabric, which is termed as 'Pile'. This pile is produced by the supportof warp yarn or support of weft yarn. The term was also used for table and wallcoverings.

Carpets are used in households, offices, hotels, functions, occasions, publicgatherings and many more places to list. Apart from beautifying thesurroundings, they are prominently used to pronounce the theme. To satisfy animmensely varied target market, there exists a huge range of carpets encirclingall kinds of classifications in carpet manufacturing. Be it according to typeof fabrics or according to design or weaving techniques, carpets are availablein various ranges to fulfill the market demands.

Most commonly used fibersto make carpets are wool (warm and durable), silk (most exotic), jute, somesynthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, olefin, and acrylic, out of whichpolyester is durable of all. Bamboo carpets and Coir carpets form a differentrange of eco-friendly carpets.

One can select out ofalmost twice a dozen designing patterns of carpets. Ranging from the oldest andplushiest Turkish and Persian carpet to colorful Kashmiri carpets.
Only a broad and vague classification can be done according to the weaver’sskill. Generally hand knotted, hand tufted and hand woven carpets with somemore types constitute this category
Another category rather a new one is of Bonded Carpets or ‘Non-Woven’ carpets.Easy processing, comparatively low cost and durability are some of the factorsthat contribute to their increasing popularity.

Until 18th century, carpets were widely used as table and wall coverings. They were later invented as floor coverings. Known to accentuate the theme of a room, a carpet can be hand-knotted, tufted, machine made or felt wool. A carpet can be made from many single or blended natural and synthetic fibers that may add more durability and tone up the appearance.