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Handmade wool rugs, overdyed rugs, machine made rugs. They fashioned from originally handmade and organically dyed wool and cotton blend vintage Turkish rugs .Shaving, Bleaching, Colorization, Overdying, Drying. The rugs are soaked in pools of boiling water with textile dyes.


Kilim rugs are hand-woven by skilled weavers using pure-wool and traditional methods tested and tried over many generations. With their timeless designs, motifs and colors, kilim rugs have universal appeal, transcending cultural and educational barriers. 


Hand-knotted rug, fashioned from sections of antique rugs ranging from 50 to 80 years old, is over-dyed in vibrant tones. Each rug is unique hand sewed edges. Patchwork rugs are produced from older carpets. These have been cut in smaller pieces and sewn together in new designs and sizes. A backside is cotton fabric.


We know that everyone is different, and that with different personalities come different tastes. We have one of the largest collections of kilims rugs online. All of our custom-made rugs are hand-woven using 100% hand-spun vegetable-dyed wool by skilled weavers in the Aegean region of Turkey.